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Making more of the above, by effectively using the below

We’re on an extended sabbatical. We wish you the best of success!

Asking for the Sleepover

Would you ask for sleepover on a first date?

Then stop asking new subscribers to buy  from you by slamming them with “buy” emails.

You may get a few takers who like the discount, but the majority simply turn off.


Dating and Building Trust

As cosmetic physicians, your personal trust factor means more than anything.

If you aren’t working on the relationship to build trust,  why should they choose YOU?


The Golden Opportunity in Email

Two thirds of internet users check their email inbox daily.

Ask yourself, are they checking the internet looking for YOU that often?

Gaining access to your patient’s and potential patient’s email inbox is indeed a golden opportunity.

Mobile Friendly or Mobile Unfriendly?

55% of email is opened on  a mobile device. per Litmus. According to Kahuna, that number is 86%.

Mobile “unfriendly” email is decidedly unsmart!

If your site is mobile (it better be) but your emails are clunky and hard to read, you lose a significant advantage.


If your outgoing email efforts are not working well, it could be time to add a new team member.


Are we a fit? If you’re a Dermatologist, we’ll match up perfectly!

Plastic Surgeons and Physicians whose primary practice is Aesthetics may also be a fit. But our expertise lies in Cosmetic Dermatology

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